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wedding photographer cape town
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Wedding photographer cape town

I am a wedding photographer based in Cape Town - South Africa. Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Your photos will become cherished memories of your special day. I love to capture the real and natural moments during the day. I want to make you feel as comfortable as possible with me in front of the camera. My packages start from R8000.00 and all include a beautiful presentation box with a USB with all the edited images. Please fill out the contact form below with as much info as possible about your big day and I will be happy to send you my packages and discuss your big day.


How long will it take to get my images?

My editing period is 4-6 weeks.

What cameras do you shoot with?

I shoot with Canon cameras and I always bring a back up camera just in case. 

Natural light

I love to shoot in natural light. Rooms with white walls and ceilings or a lot of windows that allow the light in are ideal. If your ceremony is outside - it's always advisable to have it in the shade (where possible) to avoid harsh shadows on faces. For the evenings a little bit of extra lighting will never go amiss. Consider fairy lights and candles for soft romantic lighting for your reception.

Timeline - How long do you need for photos?

Closer to the time - I will ask you for a timeline of the day. I prefer to shoot the venue and reception venue first so please ensure the venue is ready in time. This allows me to have more time with you when you're getting ready. 

Venue - 30-45 mins

Getting ready - 1h30 - 2hrs

Ceremony - This is dependant on the length of your ceremony

Posed portraits - 15-20 mins. I always advise to do these immediately after the ceremony before anyone disappears. I'll ask you for a list of all the people and groups you want photographed before hand to ensure this goes quickly and smoothly. You can also ask your Officiant to make an announcement for everyone to stay close outside immediately after the ceremony for pictures.

Couples portraits45mins - 1hr

Reception - Completely dependent on you and your timeline

I hate taking pictures!

Most people are not thrilled about getting their picture taken. Remember - I do this all the time! I'll guide you every step of the way. I might ask you to hold a pose for a beat longer or tell a bad joke or two to get you to laugh.

Most importantly - you've been planning this for months. You should enjoy every minute and relive the day every time you look through your wedding photos.

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