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growing up...

My Grandfather was a photographer. Our house was filled with old cameras and boxes filled with negatives of portraits and prints. I remember being fascinated by these old images that transported me to a time long before I was born. 

Photographs are memories of our lives. They tell stories and evoke feelings. I love capturing moments - the joy and emotion of weddings - the love and affection of couples and families. I try to steer clear of the typical photo and create something unique in my images.

I studied photography at CPUT in Cape Town and have been attached to a camera ever since. I'm based in Cape Town - South Africa - although I love to travel. My husband and I decided to forego a big wedding in favour of eloping. We took an extended honeymoon and travelled through Indonesia (he's a surfer) and Singapore. I've been extremely lucky and have travelled to some amazing places. I love experiencing different cultures and I especially love capturing my travels and sharing my experiences. 


Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.
— Unknown