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Bronwen & Kelly

Bronwen & Kelly 

Bronwen & Kelly are both teachers in Cape Town. From the moment I met them I loved everything about them. They are both so easy going and Bronwen LOVES black and white photos (kindred spirit). When I arrived at the venue, all their friends were decorating like mad and turning the venue into a magical space. 

I loved every moment of this wedding. One of my favourite parts was during Kelly's speech. She spoke about how Bronwen had told her a story of how penguins mate for life. The one penguin will choose the best pebble to roll towards their chosen mate. If the mate accepts the pebble, this marks the start of their nest.

On their first anniversary, Kelly gave Bron a pebble with 'Will you marry me on it'. For the thank you gifts, every guest received their own pebble with their name on it.  My time ended during an impromptu moment where all the teachers started teaching everyone their moves to Justin Timberlake's 'Can't stop the feeling'. This just summed up the fun-filled wedding.

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