Photographing my own wedding

Why I photographed my own wedding

I’ve never really liked being in front of the camera, I’ve always loved being able to capture the world the way I see it. So when it came to my own wedding, I didn’t want to have a photographer, even though there are plenty of amazing wedding photographers at home who I know could have done an incredible job. I think, also the fact that we eloped with a very small family ceremony and a quick lunch afterwards kept everything very casual. Those who know us will understand why we wanted such a small affair. Neither of us is big on being the centre of attention. I only picked up my camera every now and then and captured what I was seeing. Having my camera also kept me very calm and relaxed on the day. One of my favourite things about our wedding was my bouquet. There were a few family members who had passed away and some who couldn't be there on the day. I went through all our boxes of film and decided to incorporate the old negatives of those people into my bouquet.

Before the time, I managed to wangle my husband (still makes me giggle to write it) to do a shoot with Ronel Kruger. I love her work and she came up with a really cool idea to shoot at the airport - which was right up our alley seeing as we eloped and spent several weeks travelling through Indonesia and Singapore. She captured some really amazing images for us, so all the pressure was off on our little elopement.  I’m just happy to have my favourite person as my husband, especially as I ‘officially’ gain an awesome little step-daughter.

MU&H: Tarmin Fick - Dress: H&M - Flowers: Purity Flowers and Gifts - Seaside Village

Photographer takes pictures of own wedding
Photographer captures own wedding
Photographer bride captures own wedding - Tarmin Fick Make up
Photographer photographs own wedding
Black and white wedding photo - photographer captures own wedding
Bride photographer photographs own wedding
Bride photographer captures own wedding
Photographer photographs own wedding
Photographer photographs own wedding
Bride photographer - takes photos at own wedding
Photographer takes photos at own wedding - Cape Town
Photography by Janine Bell

Photography by Janine Bell

Bridal bouquet featuring old family film negatives

Bridal bouquet featuring old family film negatives

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone
— Unknown
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